Real Estate Photography
Did you know that you have 2 seconds to grab a potential client’s attention? Did you know that 20 seconds are spent on
looking at the first photo of the listing, which is usually of the exterior of the home? Those first two seconds really need to

Most home buyers start their search for a home on the internet. Listings without photos are often skipped and listings
without eye catching photos are put on the bottom of their need to see list, while houses with professional photos are
quickly added to the top.

Professional photography isn't just for the million-dollar homes these days; homes at any price can benefit as well! Statistics
have proven that professionally taken pictures not only sell a home faster, but often for more money.

I have an immense passion for not only photography, but also architecture. With that passion in mind, I believe all properties
should be shown to their highest standards without regard to the property value. I am not simply shooting the house of the
seller; I am showcasing the home of a potential buyer. As a Realtor you often have one chance to grab a buyer's attention to
make that deal. With a majority of potential buyers starting their search on the internet, it is imperative to engage that buyer in
your absence!

As a Realtor, your specialty is selling and buying properties. My specialty as a Real Estate Photographer is to present a
photograph that captures the attention of a potential client.

Let K-Robb Designs help you sell your listings with a market advantage!